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These stuffs are amazing!


Of course! It runs on your old computers, game consoles, minicomputers even... and it is kinda fast!


My main editor! I love how lightweight it is, and useful it is.

Open Watcom

I use it to compile my softwares for old platforms like DOS.

Dr. Volker Barthelmann's Compiler

I use it to compile my softwares for old platforms like Amiga. It is very nice when it works. :)

Windows 2000

I mean... It's proprietary and Windows, but it is much better than these modern Windows, which sucks even more.
Windows 2000 is the only acceptable (barely!) Windows for me.
Burn Windows. It has been ruined.


I like Subversion more than Git.
It tracks your files, "keywords", binary-diff, and etc...
You cannot kill Subversion without killing me, Git people!
Stop Linuxism!
You are not using NetBSD :(

STOP!! ใ‚นใƒžใƒ›

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