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Welcome to my website, I put my random stuff here.
I do whatever I want. Put the source code/binary of my stuff, write some stuff, and etc.

JavaScript is a bloat. Cry about it, JavaScript shill.

Our servers consist of:
                     `-/oshdmNMNdhyo+:-`   www@nishinbsd-g4
y/s+:-``    `.-:+oydNMMMMNhs/-``           ------------------ 
-m+NMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMNdhmNMMMmdhs+/-`    OS: NetBSD 9.3 macppc 
 -m+NMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMmy+:`             Uptime: 33 days, 1 hours, 6 mins 
  -N/dMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMds:`                  CPU: 7447A (Revision (1) 
   -N/hMMMMMMMMMmho:`                      Memory: 442MB / 482MB 

Stop Linuxism!
You are not using NetBSD :(

STOP!! ใ‚นใƒžใƒ›

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