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I like collecting old computers, specifically "pocket computer"s, or handheld computers.
I like Casio ones more than Sharp ones, by the way.

Pocket Computers

Casio VX-3

Educational model of pocket computer from Casio, from 1989.
Mine has the RAM issue at address 0x8000, sadly.
But except that, everything works!

Casio VX-4

Educational model of pocket computer from Casio, from 2001.
This one does not have the issue with RAM. :)
Everything works!

Casio FX-702P

First pocket computer from Casio, from 1981.
Keyboard is a bit strange... But hey, everything works!

Casio PB-100

Pocket computer from Casio for beginners, from 1982.
Its "film" is kinda bad, but I don't know how to fix it...


National CF-2700

MSX from National, from 1984.
Needs to clean the keyboard a bit :p


Sharp X1D

WIP Will be written when the monitor arrives
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