He finally realized that I (re9177) made this page!.. how odd that it took this long :) (It's the same text by the way, hence it's a direct link to the jpg file instead.)

NEW FUCKUP FOUND!!! Did you know that one of the links (Heyuri) featured on this page:

is riddled with loli/shotacon garbage? (or in other words drawn child pornography) This might suggest that this chilean motherfucker might be a chomo! so beware of your surroundings... and maybe don't interact with them.

Something looks VERY awfully familiar....

... doesn't it? :))

heh.. i suppose the chilean monkey boy doesn't understand that he is just digging himself a deeper hole than anything else.. oh well :) not like anyone cares anyway.
oh such joy, living rent free is such a fun time! so far i have finished building an civilization, had a couple of wars here and there.. it seems to be going great! see ya soon!!!

OK, now maybe serious information, most of the shitz on his page are bullshit however admittedly some are correct such as my past involvement with CVM (which has NOTHING to do with this shit lol), especially the hateboner towards Andrew (Enderman), we have nothing against him at all it's complete bullshit, the absolute comedy where manjaruntu can't move on from the incident is FUCKING HILARIOUS, and just proves how right i was about him being an moron all this time. I hope you read this shit and realize how miserable you are. Please, give us more things to laugh at. You are completely miserable to watch :D